Onesol Productions Stay on Top of the Game with VuePix Infiled

 4 June 2024

Onesol productions have received a major boost to their inventory with the delivery of Vuepix Infiled AR series screens.

Onesol Productions pride themselves in delivering high quality events & installations. The team worked closely with our VuePix Infiled engineers to craft their new LED screen technology to perfection. All the 162 AR P3 panels were delivered in customised flight cases and feature the highest spec of Brompton receiving cards. The award-winning Brompton Tessera SX40 LED processors and Tessera XD data distribution units will ensure perfect support for the largescale LED projects delivered by the Onesol team.

“The demand within our client base for LED technology has grown exponentially, this has been the driving force to invest in our own screen,” explain Elliott Laird and Steve Francis, Directors at Onesol Productions. “After many events and installations, coupled with the amazing support network, our choice in product was clear.”

“Our clients’ demands vary from installing digital billboards, touring productions, or precise installations of super high-res digital wallpaper screens in corporate environments. The VuePix Infiled products have always delivered outstanding results.” says Elliott Laird.

The Onesol team have big plans for their new investment. “We have a few major projects featuring large scale LED screens starting as soon as next week,” confirms Elliott. “The screen can be incorporated into any scenario, whether it’s a festival, live broadcast or corporate event. That is the beauty of investing in the latest Vuepix Infiled & Brompton technology, it opens so many new avenues & opportunities, and we’re excited for what the future holds!”

Onesol Staff featured with their newly purchased AR P3 Panels in customised flight cases
Onesol Staff and ULA Group Director, featured with the newly purchased AR P3 Panels in customised flight cases